It began with the dream.

I stood on a sand dune looking into a camp made up of amazing tents. Each tent was decorated in gold and every bright color you could possibly imagine. Flags flew on the light breeze, each one more ornate than the last.
I looked in awe at this large gathering of elaborate tents when I noticed movement in the distance. From out of the camp a man walked. As he started up a dune heading into the wilderness, he turned. I knew it was Jesus before He spoke, “Will you follow me outside the camp?” was all He said. Then he topped the dune and moved out into the vast desert beyond.

It’s this dream that brings us to this moment, decades later, working as the body of Christ to bring worshipers together in an open field with one purpose – to worship the King in Spirit and in Truth.
The Bride is crossing streams and denominations to seek the King in all His glory. They’re bringing instruments, chairs, blankets and friends to follow the Lord‘s leading in music and song. There is no formal church affiliation other than the musicians and artisans who follow the Spirit from all the churches coming together in community to honor our One True God.

And so we worship “Outside the Camp.”